Why Choose an NYCFC Soccer Club?


NYCFC Soccer camps offers year-round programs for players from all ages looking to improve their tactical & technical skills in an exciting & competitive setting. Camps offer a variety of game-related activities for kids to improve their creativity, confident & aggressive on-the-ball, and also provide expert coaching from NYCFC Youth coaches. These activities include youth soccer drills, youth soccer clinics, professional soccer games and more! New York City FC Youth Camps offer fun-filled and affordable camps designed to benefit young soccer players of every ability.

NYCFC Soccer camp programs range from those in which youth players learn the basics of the game at the beginning of camp to the more advanced player-centered camps and programs that teach skill and strategy as well as the development of leadership and team work skills. Youth soccer camps in the New York City area provide both boys & girls from different ages an opportunity to play soccer in an exciting and fun environment while gaining valuable skills and learning how to be more competitive and responsible. Youth soccer camps are also designed to help you make new friends and have fun while learning new skills and techniques!

There are many ways to learn the game of soccer at a New York City youth soccer camp. The youth soccer coaches at NYCFC soccer camps will ensure that your child’s soccer education includes both physical and mental aspects of the sport. Most camps will consist of a mixture of training sessions and on-field activities. In some camps, children will also engage in recreational activities such as football field games and community service. Most camps will also include a wide variety of game-specific activities to improve creative & aggressive players on the field, professional soccer coaching provided by NYC FC Youth Coaches, and a wide variety of on-field competition, including youth national championships.

To ensure that your child is properly cared for and prepared for their youth soccer camp program, NYCFC soccer camps provide an aftercare program that will provide the necessary assistance and resources to aid your child’s transition to the soccer world and off the field. Aftercare counselors will assist in the transition into their soccer camp, helping you select the best program for your child to learn the game, and get adjusted to the culture and environment of soccer. while providing additional support services to help your child prepare for their soccer transition. after school.

When choosing a New York City soccer camp, consider how long the soccer camp program will last. This will help you determine whether or not you can afford a full-time soccer coaching program or if your child can join for a one-day experience, such as a pre-season youth soccer tournament. or a one-week youth soccer camp.

NYCFC youth soccer camp programs are designed for kids of every ability. For girls, there are camps for junior girls and senior girls, including camps for high school aged girls. For boys, there are camps for junior boys and senior boys. New York City’s youth soccer coaches offer a variety of soccer camps for different levels of skill and age so that kids of every ability can learn the game. You can choose from camps designed for kids with disabilities, including camp programs designed specifically for kids with disabilities.

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