The best Dell all in one desktop in 2021

Many of us probably have heard about Best All in One desktop, but only a few completely familiar with this. Some people get the term “All in one” the wrong way and considered this a complete set of accessories that we needed with our system. But, no worries, we are going to clear this misconception. All in one desktop is a PC that integrates all modules in a single unit and almost all computer companies are making these AIO desktops. With the sleek designed PC, it includes AIO, Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, Built-in speakers, web camera, AC Adapter, and User Guide and Manuals. But two components keyboard and a mouse need to be connected.

Dell is one of the world’s top computer technological companies. And undoubtedly, Dell all in one pc would bring your room’s beauty. All components like monitor, motherboard, drives, processors, enclose in a single unit, except mouse and keyboard. This single unit performs all the functions that a conventional desktop performs. That is a pretty cool choice for office users. Who doesn’t like the mess in office but have to bear their whole computer system. Dell all in one pc does not need plenty of space. So, it makes a friendly environment for small businesses.

Features of Dell all in one desktop:

  • It is smaller than a desktop. This feature makes it more portable and flexible as compared to a conventional desktop. With fewer cable wires, it saves space. But this doesn’t affect its FHD display. AiO desktop usually comes with a size of 20 inches to 27 inches.
  • It comes with the latest variant of wireless connection, Bluetooth 5.0, which is an addition to deliver brilliant performance. It included the following components.
  • It’s a perfect match for family time. Whether you connect it with Wi-Fi or to devices through given plots and slots, it’s a single all in one system that diverts your family’s attention from mobile, tabs, etc.

Best dell all-in-one desktops:

  • Dell 27 Optiplex 7770: This stunning and elegant AiO operates with window 10 with a 9th generation intel core processor. And 2.25TB of storage is more than enough. It has customized deployment options with a versatile HD screen.
  • Inspiron 24 5000: This one is trending and the best to choose with series of Inspiron. It has an Anti-Glare 23.8-inch screen, 8GB memory, and a hard drive of 1TB.
  • Dell Inspiron 27 7000: With 27.00 inches of a display screen and 1 TB of hard disk, it’s an efficient All-In-One desktop. Plus, it has 16GB of DDR4 memory, which means having twice of speed as DDR3.


Operating systemWindow 10
Video cardIntegrated
Wireless typeBluetooth
Included batteriesNo 
Graphics coprocessorIntel HD Graphics


  • Although it’s a single unit with all features and functions, it can’t beat a laptop. Instead of buying an AiO desktop, people prefer to have a traditional laptop.
  • For live fast streaming, gamers wish to have an ultra-fast system. Although AiO desktops contain high-speed external peripheral connectors, it is not compatible with gaming. Hence, not forcefully suggested for gamers.

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