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Real Estate Options For Foreigners in Egypt

As an investor or a newbie looking for a home or investment property, you need to consider the qualities and features of the best real estate in Egypt before investing. These characteristics can either make a property suitable for an investor’s investment or one that could make it hard to find that perfect property for your needs.

To get the right place for your investment, you need to do your homework and know what is the best place for you and your family. The North Coast is an area of Egypt where you can find some of the most beautiful and affordable properties, including historic properties, residential houses and villas, condominiums and private apartments. Some of the properties include a shopping mall, commercial office, commercial apartment, public housing, and a resort.

If you are looking for a more urbanized area, El Gouna is an area of Egypt that you may want to look at. This area offers a lot of investment opportunities and some of the best homes in Egypt are located in this area. A few of the main areas in El Gouna are Cairo Commercial City, Cairo University District, Cairo City, Cairo Business District, Cairo City Mall, and Cairo’s Business Center. A good part of the area is a residential neighborhood with several hotels, condominiums and residential apartments. Some of the best commercial buildings are also found here.

If you prefer a more remote area, there is another place where you can find the best real estate in Egypt – El Khor Fira. Here, you will find a rural area that is not surrounded by any major cities and that does not have a big population, yet the area offers some of the finest properties in Egypt that are less crowded and not too far from the city center.

In terms of size, El Jibla is an area of Egypt that is just a short distance from Cairo. In El Jibla, there are two areas: Abydos, where most of the tourists come to experience the old Egypt, and Dahab, where the real estate opportunities are located. Abydos offers plenty of properties for an investor while Dahab is a residential and commercial area with several hotels, condominiums and apartments. Some of the best commercial buildings are located here.

The most famous area of Egypt and one of the best real estate areas in the entire country is that of Hurghada, known for its desert and camel-riding experience. One of the most luxurious hotels in Hurghada is the Hotel Cairo located at Hurghada Bay and is a favorite among tourists and investors. Other important and luxurious hotels include the Shera el Shera, Hurghada Port and the Shera el Ghazal. The Hurghada bay is a popular spot for beach resorts that offer great hospitality to all its visitors. In the area of Hurghada, you can also find some of the best residential and commercial properties.

The souqs in Hurghada Bay are considered as some of the best real estate places in Egypt, since they cater mainly to foreigners. Other souqs are located at Hurghada Bay and in El Khor Fira. One of these is the Souq el Maghrabi, where a variety of Egyptian wines are sold. Some of the souqs offer a wide array of facilities and services to their guests.

There are many places in Egypt that offer real estate to foreigners, but one of the best real estate options is at el Hawass, where you can find properties for investment, rental or for sale. Another good place where investors can find affordable and attractive real estate for sale are in Sharm el Sheikh.

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