HOW TO USE ABBEY ANTI-FOG SPRAY AND ANTI-FOG WIPESIf you have been playing for any quantity of time, then you’ve likely experienced fogging. Fogging occurs when the warm, humid air from the breath condenses on the cool surface of the eye-protection or gun sight. This water build up can make it rather hard to see anything in a game.

Abbey Anti-Fog Spray and Abbey Anti-Fog Wipes are formulated to avoid condensation and fog from building up in your eyeglasses and helps keep you seeing clearly throughout your skirmish. Here’s the way to apply it for best results.

You will need:

  • Abbey Anti-Fog Spray or Abbey Anti-Fog Cloth
  • Eye Protection or Optics
  • Clean Microfiber Cloth
  • Goggles and Glasses

For the goggles and glasses, first ensure that the lenses are clean by washing them in warm, soapy water if suitable.

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Spray the anti-fog solution onto the lenses of your eye protection and wash off the excess, leaving behind a thin film of this anti-fog solution. This film is the thing that provides the anti-fog protection, so do not rub or buff off the solution, this simply removes the possessions by the glass.

Do not forget to experience this step for both sides of your eye protection!

If you are using Abbey Anti-Fog Cloth, simply remove the cloth out of its packaging and thoroughly wipe the glass using the Anti-Fog Cloth that’s impregnated with the anti-fog alternative. Be certain to return the cloth to its bag for next game day.

Optics and Rifles Sights

In the event you’re employing our anti-fog solution to gun optics or sights, use the remedy to a microfiber fabric first and then use to the lenses. This stops any extra solution from harmful O-rings or seals in sensitive sights and scopes.


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