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4 Keys to successfully sell products and services on YouTube

Every year subscribers on YouTube increase more and the number of views grows, so much so that traditional television has lost viewers by 4%. Millennials have adopted internet platforms to watch preferred videos, gradually moving away from the channels offered by satellite cable subscriptions.

Thus, we spend more time using the internet on smart devices to completely move away from television, so that 9% of small businesses in the United States incorporate YouTube into their digital marketing strategy as a viable option.

In order to reduce advertising expenses, all companies have decided to upload their spots on this platform, since it does not represent any financial cost because it is free.

In addition, they have the possibility of being seen by thousands of people, as long as the audiovisual material is of quality and entertaining.

If you want to be part of the percentage of companies that use YouTube to sell their products and services effectively, you must take into account 4 important keys.@ the best payment gateway. Don’t worry about your online payments.

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1- Inform

Some companies only teach and talk about their products, do not fall into a state of egocentricity about your brand, the YouTube public is not interested if you are the best or if you offer a quality service, they only want to have entertaining information that is easy to understand; useful to add your knowledge on the subject.

In the case of representing an automotive spare parts marketer, you can give information about the latest models of cars that have been released and which ones are to come out in the coming years.

In the same way, you can go into details about the technology that they have used to make them; Or explain why the spark plugs are damaged and when you should change them, for example.

2- Entertain

According to data provided by the book “Marketing on YouTube” by Michael Miller, 31% of users who enter YouTube look for content related to music, the other 69% are distributed in tutorials, news, sports, cooking, beauty, fashion, video games, among others.

Based on these statistics, it is evident that users use this platform for the purpose of entertainment, therefore, you must plan content that can amuse, distract and recreate with the intention that the video is as friendly as possible to be able to capture future customers.

3- Educate

People who do not know how to do something, usually search the Internet and go to the most used search engines: Google and YouTube to find the most appropriate solution; that’s when your company intervenes.

We continue with the same example of the automotive parts dealer. In this case, you can explain how to install a bumper, how to install a mirror, a bulb, how to change a rubber, among other things.

It is necessary that you offer step by step and in a dynamic way the teaching of your video.

4- Time

The advertising videos with the most views last on average between 30 and 60 seconds, but this will depend on the information that the audiovisual material contains.

For example, if you are making a video with educational content, 60 seconds may not be enough. You can extend the duration to a maximum of 3 minutes, if you could not say everything in this time, do the continuation with another video of the same or less time.

You must keep in mind …

Once the video has started or finished, it is necessary that you indicate the URL of your company page and the social networks that you have, since the main objective of publishing a video on YouTube is to promote your company for a later sale of products and services.

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