Overseeding Lawn – Grow grass for patches

Overseeding LawnConcept of Overseeding

Overseeding is the planting of the seeds directly into existing turf, without destroying the turf, or the dirt. It’s a simple method to fill in uncovered spots, improve the thickness of turf, build up improved grass assortments, and upgrade your yard’s shading. Overseeding more current turfgrass assortments into a more seasoned garden can assist it with bettering withstands bugs, infection, dry spell, obscure conditions, and overwhelming traffic. The interest in overseeding pays off by lessening the measure of compost, water, and pesticides required. In particular, a remodeled yard remains greener and looks thicker and more advantageous.

It’s really important to understand the key difference between overseeding an existing lawn and growing grass for a new lawn. Some seeds are good for Northern US climates while others are better for Southern parts. You need to find the Best Grass Seed for your area, temperature, sun and shade requirements. Not all grass seeds are the same. US areas are divided onto zones as per the climate. You need to know which grass seed is perfect for your zone. The same goes for overseeding. Select the best grass seed which suits your area.

Aeration is an important phenomenon for overseeding. Aeration is a procedure that precisely expels attachments of soil and stores them on the highest point of the dirt surface. As these centers separate, the encompassing soil, presently alleviated of compaction, the oxygen will fill in the gaps. Aeration opens up the yard and takes into account more air, water, and supplements to infiltrate into the root zone and create more advantageous and more profound root development. Overseeding drops seed and opens a score in the dirt around a 1/4 inch that makes great seed-to-soil contact and germination rates for thicker grass.

Quantity of seed for overseeding

The amount of grass seeds for overseeding varies according to the type of grass seed.  5 pounds of hard fescue and 8 to 10 pounds of tall fescue are required for 1000 square feet.

How to do overseeding?

  1. The first step for overseeding is to prepare your lawn because good preparation is the key to have to thicker and full-green grass.
  2. Mow the lawn shorter; it will increase the contact area of seed with the soil. This will increase the water-absorbing ability.
  3. Remove all the clippings and the dead grass from the lawn. Clean it thoroughly and by using a rake, loosen the turf.
  4. During all the process, be sure that seed you select, best suits in this climate and the timing of planting that seed is appropriate.
  5. The next step is to spread the seed on the soil by carefully looking over the rate of overseeding on the label.
  6. Use a lawn spreader  to spread the seed on the soil
  7. Spread the seeds evenly in the lawn
  8. Add some All-Natural fertilizer in the soil so that nutrients are delivered to the soil and seed germination takes place up to the mark.
  9. Water your lawn twice a day for the first week and then water it single time in a day.
  10. Be sure that you prevent the lawn from drying out, otherwise, you will not get favorable results.
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